Welcome to the Getting Started series from Piano By Heart!

In the upcoming posts in this series, you will go from zero knowledge to playing simple tunes and reading basic music. All in in no time at all!

Before you start with drills and practicing out of a book, make sure you take some time to read through the following posts. Here, you will become familiar with the fundamentals, which will prepare you for the more advanced stuff.

I honestly hope you enjoy the posts. We enjoyed putting them together for you.

  • 1 – Piano Equipment and Materials
  • 2 – Correct Posture and Hand Positioning
  • 3 – Learning to Read Music – Notes and Keys
  • 4 – Learning to Read Music – Music Sheets
  • 5 – Playing Piano – Every Good Boy Does Fine
  • 6 – Playing Piano – Your First Song
  • 7 – Playing Piano – Scales
  • 8 – Playing Piano – Developing Your Skills

If you don’t see a post here, it’s because it’s still in the works. Rest assured, we plan to have it posted shortly!